Our program ambassadors

The Off the Beaten Track Ambassador Program is an initiative by the field school and its alumni to remain connected to each other and to extend those connections to potential students and collaborators. Below you will find a list of our ambassadors, all of whom have participated in a previous session of the school and are available to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns you might have.

In order to contact one of the ambassadors, please
request an application form and a list of their contact information will also be sent as an attachment. Please understand that because the ambassadors function independently from the Expeditions staff, it is at their discretion to reply.

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Kanika Varma is an anthropology undergraduate who participated in the Off the Beaten Track June 2017 session. Originally from India but raised in Uganda, she is currently living in Canada and attending the University of Victoria. Kanika became an ambassador because she really enjoyed her experience and would recommend it to other students. By being an ambassador, she hopes to stay involved with what other individuals are interested in researching on Gozo.
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Chelsea Hutchinson is a graduate of Bucks County Community College and has studied anthropology at Temple University. She loves learning about the history of populations and exploring the ways in which that history manifests in contemporary culture. Chelsea likes being an ambassador because she strongly believes in the mission of the field school and in making it more accessible to possible participants.
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Adrián González is an alumni of the July 2017 OtBT field school. He works at the University of Magallanes in Punta Arenas, Chile, where he studies food anthropology and symbolism. His experiences at the summer school in Gozo were important to him as both a person and researcher, which made him want to share his time with others. By being an ambassador, Adrian hopes to guide students who are looking for courses outside the more conventional academic style in order to develop more creativity in fieldwork.
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Magdalena Martinez is currently a PhD student in Higher Education at OISE, University of Toronto. She holds an MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Concordia University and a BA in Anthropology from McGill University. As a young aspiring ethnographer, Off the Beaten Track was a unique chance to conduct fieldwork in a motivated setting. She hopes to continue sharing her experiences of the field school with interested students through the ambassador program.
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Shawn Caton is a graduate of Washington and Lee University in Sociology/Anthropology and Global Politics. After hearing glowing reviews of the program from his adviser and an alumna, he set out for the Maltese Islands in the summer of 2017 where he conducted research on how industrial farming has impacted the local farmers. This was a defining experience for Shawn in his anthropological work, so he hopes his work as an ambassador will help others to experience the same.
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Kristin So is an undergraduate student attending the University of Waterloo in Canada, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Classical Studies. She is also an executive member of the Anthropology Society at her school. The OtBT field school was the first time Kristin ever practiced what could potentially be done as an anthropological career, and it really opened her eyes to the experience of fieldwork. As an ambassador, she can ensure other students will have the chance to experience what was for her a life-changing adventure.
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Angelina Camilleri attended Off the Beaten Track in June of 2015. The field school was a turning point in her academic career. The independence and opportunity to pursue individual research in personal ways offered an important trial and error opportunity, as well as a chance to develop new strengths. This is an experience Angelina thinks would be fantastic to share through the ambassador program, by helping other students with answering questions and encouraging them to take this opportunity to grow and learn.
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Cullen Ogden, though originally from the US, spent his entire high school career in Seoul, where he became heavily involved with the arts, and fell in love with traveling, culture, and psychology. He attended the field school in June 2017 and his passion for anthropology and pursuing it as a career became an even more solid plan for the future. As someone who originally had many questions about the program, he loves the opportunity to help better explain the experience of the field school to others who would also benefit from the program.
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Phionna Theo is a sophomore majoring in Anthropology at New York University, but originally from sunny Singapore! She was in Gozo in the summer of 2017, and had a blast! Phionna wants to be an ambassador because she really enjoyed herself, but also fully understands the fear that comes from not knowing for sure what you signed up for. She hopes to be able to help potential students allay that fear and share with them her own amazing experiences in Gozo.
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Jacob Jansen attends the University of Oregon where he studies cultural anthropology with minor degree pursuits in Middle East and North African studies, as well as food studies. Since being a student in the 2016 field school, he has taken an interest in honeybees and beekeepers. Jacob looks forward to being an ambassador because there are plenty of tips (if we can even call them that) that can be provided to applicants who may need a sense of ease before making that trip to Gozo. In the 2017 sessions, Jacob joined the Expeditions team as a junior staff member.
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Jerika Heinze is a PhD student at Radboud University in the Netherlands, but is originally from California. In Gozo, she produced an ethnography about the prevalence of drunk driving among Maltese youth. Jerika is an ambassador because she is radically passionate about access to education and thinks that the field school is an amazing resource to provide more experience and exposure to those considering anthropology/ethnography as an academic or career path.
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Jared Wahkinney is a first-year graduate student at the University of Oklahoma. Previous to graduate studies, he has also earned his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. Currently, he is pursuing his M.A. in Native American Studies with an emphasis in cultural knowledge of food systems and indigenous media. Jared wants to be an ambassador in order to share his own experiences from Gozo with other students!
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Julia LeMonde is an anthropology student at the University of Queensland, Australia and is currently researching for her honors thesis, which explores perspectives on childhood vaccinations. Whilst in Gozo in 2017 she explored what it means to age, and plans to continue researching this subject. Julia wanted to be an ambassador because she feels the program works and with this method of instruction students can gain a broader perspective of the discipline, in addition to their university studies.
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Kayla Hurd is a current graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. She was a participant in the Expeditions Field School in 2013. Although her interests have changed dramatically from her original project, her experiences on the island were crucial in her decision to becoming an anthropologist. Kayla loves receiving any reminder of Gozo so what better way than to talk about her experience with potential applicants! Becoming an Ambassador is her way of thanking the program for shaping a career path in anthropology.
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Connor Gibson attended OtBT in August 2017 and conducted field work on the variety of ways that people on Gozo connect with and experience its natural and built landscapes. He was a Psychology major during his time at Dartmouth College and enjoyed being able to explore Anthropology at OtBT without too much prior experience. He's excited about being an Ambassador to stay connected with this vibrant community of thoughtful folk and is happy to answer any questions you may have!