Previous Faculty in our 2006 to 2017 projects

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Steven Camacho
Millersville University, USA

Steven Rivera Camacho was born in Cataño, Puerto Rico. He recently graduated at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He is Interested in photography, traveling, religion, fishing, language, witchcraft and witch healing and clowns. Currently Steven is doing research on the micro culture of fisherman in Gozo and the semantics within it.
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Melissa Clement
University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Her interests mainly lie in the impact of war on civilian populations. This includes during war time, but also its long-term impacts on the population. More generally, she enjoys doing research on any topic on the micro-level, so she can hear stories and memories directly from the people impacted the most. Melissa took these interests and applied them to Gozo with a mixture of oral histories and research on tourism. After two summers on the island she had gathered stories on the Second World War and what it was like in the years afterwards, specifically with the rebuilding of the economy and of the British leaving the country. From here she found the importance that tourism played and how it shaped the island and its people.
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Abby Golub
Cornell University, USA
University of Leuven, Belgium

Most days you can find Abby carrying bread she has made, purchased, or received as a gift from a bakery. She will probably offer you a piece. On Gozo, she studies bakeries as places where families work together and where locals and tourists consume Gozitan culture. She focuses on one family bakery in Nadur, Gozo, as a lens into and as a unique contributor to food culture on the island. She is interested in collaborative research and the limitless possibilities for topics to fruitfully explore in bakeries. After graduating from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Abby joined Expeditions as a student in 2014, and came back as staff to continue her research and work with other students in 2015. Some of her most effective and fun field methods include the process of learning the local language from locals, playing saxophone in the Nadur Band Club, and shaping bread dough at bakeries. She is constantly surprised and excited by how these activities connect her to community and provide opportunities to learn in the field. Abby looks forward to baking and breaking bread, and taking notes, with many more students next summer.
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Jennifer Hollstein
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Jennifer graduated from the University of Glasgow and has subsequently completed courses in digital photography at Glasgow City College. She has worked in archive research within The BBC’s Arts department and as a social researcher for the University of Strathclyde.

Jennifer has spent several summers in Gozo researching the uses of public coastal space and can always be found near or in the water. She is continuing to work on projects concerned with local octopus hunting, performance and tixxowja (showing off) in the coastal space and a visual oral history project of Xlendi. She specialises in macro, ethnographic and nature photography and is looking to develop her skills in underwater photography.
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Georgiana Murariu
University of London, United Kingdom

A Social Anthropologist with interests in the areas of post-communist economics and identity, superstition and collective magical thinking, and material culture. She got her Anthropology degree at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

She is also interested in the creation of symbols through the use of language, especially in relation to minority languages. Another interest is the anthropology of health and disease and the social construction of different illnesses and disorders within different systems of healthcare.

She currently works as an analyst for Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, where she is tasked with understanding and reporting back on patient behaviours and contributing to the creation of strategies for understanding their model and process of decision making.
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English Srader
College of Charleston, USA

English recently graduated from College of Charleston with a B.S. In Anthropology and Environmental Studies. Her passions and studies revolve around travel, people, and the natural environments in which they all intermingle. English attended the summer school first as a student in 2015, and returned a year later to work on staff and continue research in various concepts of sustainability circulating through different lifestyles on the island. English plans to attend graduate school in anthropology within the next two years.
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Anne Toftelund Jensen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Born and raised in Odense, the hometown of the Danish fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. After a couple of years at the university she changed path and got educated at KaosPilots - a creative business school focused on entrepreneurship, projects and processes. After graduation she moved to North West Greenland to work in the harsh but beautiful environment above the Arctic Circle.
Later she reenrolled at Aarhus University and studied business anthropology. Her master thesis was built on a fieldwork conducted in a production company with a majority of international workers. Her current field of interest is innovation, creativity and organizations, and for her research on Gozo the focus is mainly on method exploration – investigating ways of doing interviews with LEGO®, as well as looking into the understanding of space.