Faculty of the Graphic Anthropology Field School (GrAFs)
and the Drystone Walling Expedition.
(November 2018)

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Andreja Benko
Andreja Benko currently works at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. Andreja does research mostly in Architecture, architectural design, Community and Educational Psychology. Besides that she works in the projects related to sacred and religious objects. One of her other interests is ethics in the architectural and construction design and process.
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Mirjam Bussels
After a trajectory of fieldwork training and experience, she is currently working as a general manager for Expeditions, based on Gozo. Due to the lively debate on aging and her background as a Master in Social work and Social Policy she delved herself into the anthropology of aging, anxious to learn more through and in collaboration with others.
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Sam Janssen
The general research manager of Expeditions and program director of our training sessions. As a researcher his main focusses are the anthropology of food, whilst also having a great interest in topics related to architecture and urban planning. He obtained a variety of masters degrees at the University of Ghent and has worked as a researcher for Expeditions since 2003.
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Borut Juvanec
Borut Juvanec is an architect, researcher and emeritus professor on Ljubljana University, Slovenia. With a variety of published works on vernacular architecture, he is one of the top experts in this field.
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Maarten Loopmans
An a-disciplinary geographer teaching at the University of Leuven who is very keen on methodological issues and discussions, and loves to experiment with graphics in academic research, from boredom-born research meeting droodles to graphic novels as a medium to communicate research findings.
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Marjan Moris
Our field work mentor who gets lost between human geography and anthropology now and then. Her research interests include migration and mobilities, the anthropology of food and manifestations of difference and inequality in the organisation of space.
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Karin Schuitema
Karin Schuitema graduated in 2008 in Near Eastern and Mediterranean archaeology at Leiden University. Her interest grew not only for the archaeological pasts of places, but also in the way in which these pasts are considered by the locals. Since April 2011 she has been working as a staff member and researcher of heritage studies in the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT).