This form is ONLY for alumni of the OtBT program.

For those who want to start writing a publishable research paper, the journey always starts with the research poster that you made at the end of your fieldwork and based on that you can start with your paper writing application through the form below. Please note that the peer review process can take a lot of time and often goes through a lot of back and forth edits, clarifications and comments. Depending on variables (peer reviewers need to find time to do this and the quality of your work plays a role of course) this may take anything between 3 months and over a year to get to a publishable stage. As soon as we have the information below, we will get back to you and discuss the trajectory you are comfortable with.

It is very rare, but online forms like these sometimes fail when submitting, this is beyond your or our control. So, if you are writing big chunks of text, we advise you to do it in a separate text editor (or just an email), so that you have a backup. That way you can easily re-submit by copy pasting the information back into a new form and give it another try. You know… Murphy’s Law…

Immediately after submission you will receive a confirmation email. Since this is a generic email, chances are that your mail account will categorize this as spam. In order to prevent this in the future, please add the address otbtpapers[@] to your trusted senders, and domain name to your trusted domains.