The scholarship deadline has passed. A new call will be online in September 2020.

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    Our scholarship call
    This call is aimed at budding researchers with creative and open minds towards the challenges of applied research.  We offer a unique learning opportunity in a multidisciplinary research project on the isle of Gozo, Malta. Expeditions and the University of Leuven offer a 20.000 euro scholarship fund to cover part or all of the tuition fee for the 2020 Malta Summer School. Scholarships are granted on a competitive basis, based on a research proposal.

    (Note: this scholarship call only applies to the Off The Beaten Track summer sessions, for our other programs, unfortunately, we don't have grants available.)

    - Undergraduate and graduate students
    - PhD students
    - Everyone with a genuine interest in anthropology
    - Previous participants of the project

    Selection is NOT based on academic merit or complexity. We aim for enthusiasm, dedication and creativity.

    The call is open to all. In the past years, even students who were not enrolled in an anthropology program received scholarships for the project.
    Submit Proposal
    • Send us 2 or more research concepts (but at least two!).
    • 150-250 words per research concept.
    • Submitting can only be done through the online form that is linked at the end of this step by step walkthrough. Please read this walkthrough guide thoroughly!
    • Use the form once per proposal, submit and reload the form to start a next proposal.
    • You will receive an automated email per submission.
    • The deadline for submissions (first stage) is January 5th, 2020 (GMT+1).
    The basic guidelines

    • You are allowed to send in as many research ideas as you like. All submissions will compete equally.
    • Applicants are asked to be creative and think outside the box, as well in the topic, as in the approach as in their methods.
    • The research should be feasible within the context of the Off the Beaten Track program.
    • Browse through to find exemplary research papers of previous participants.
    • The topic in itself does not have to be original at all, we look for feasibility and creativity in the approach of the topic.
    • There is a mandatory minimum of 2 proposals to be eligible.
    In order to get your research proposals reviewed by our board, you will also need to submit a regular application.

    When your regular application gets approved for participation, you will have the opportunity to register for the program.

    If this regular application does not get approved, your scholarship submissions will still be in the running: don’t worry, refusal of applications is mostly due to a lack of available slots, while scholarship spots are being reserved until the outcome of this process.

    Important note: if you are not registered before the scholarship outcome, we can not guarantee that you can eventually register in the session of your preference (simple mathematics: we can not reserve a spot in each session for each scholarship applicant).
    First review
    From the proposals submitted before the deadline, the scholarship review board will select 15 to 20 candidates to work out a more detailed research plan before the deadline of February 27th. On or before January 14th you will receive an email on whether or not you are selected for this next and final step.

    This research plan, together with your application info will be presented to the review board as your final submission.

    Second review
    The final submissions will be ranked and scholarships will be divided according to this ranking.

    Top ranked proposals can be granted a full scholarship, others will receive a partial scholarship. It is at the discretion of the review board to divide the scholarship fund.

    None of the scholarships include airfare from and to Malta.
    Please understand that…
    The number of students accepted in the program is limited. Scholarships will be granted only after the completion of the selection procedure, while registration is open to non-scholarship participants. In case you wish to join the project even if you do not receive a scholarship from us, we advise to register through the regular procedure as early as possible since non-scholarship slots are usually filled before the scholarship deadlines.

    The final announcement on your scholarship grant will be done by email on or before the 7th of March.

    Good luck!

    The scholarship deadline has passed. A new call will be online in September 2020.

    2020 Selected proposals
    Alena Clark
    Fountains of history

    Alisa Draskovic
    Views of the muxrabija (il-kixxiefa/il-ġlusija): windows into the lives of women on Gozo

    Anna Seecharan
    Does commensality aid anthropology?

    Anya Duxbury
    Did grape grape grape grandmother know best?

    Brooke McConnell
    First Responders In Gozo, Malta

    Caitlin Thompson
    Gozo, Bozos, and Beauties: Dating and Courtship on the Island of Gozo

    Erik Lyons
    Euro 2020: Maltese Football Fandom as much more than Football Fandom

    Gaia Tan
    Fantasy and Cynicism : A phenomenology of perspective

    Hannah Chisholm
    The (changing?) Social Locus of the Elderly in Gozo, and the Implications.

    Iman Afify
    The Autoethnography of an Egyptian in Malta

    Jamie Jennings
    Abortion Illegality in Malta: a Holistic Approach

    Jessica Ding
    Aging Well in a Fast-Aging Community

    Lin Zhuang
    Social Media and Hate Speech in Malta

    Medeina Usinavičiūtė
    Cooking up the pasts: sensory-led multigenerational dive into collective memory

    Megha Majumder
    Adult to Elder: Evolving Conceptions of the Ageing Self in the Gozitan Cultural Context

    Mohamed Aizuddin Hilmi Mohamed Anuar
    Walks of life: Vignettes of rural livelihoods through walks in Gozo

    Niamh Formosa
    The Gastronomy of Gozo: The Role of Food in Gozitan Daily Life.

    Panni Tankó
    Low crime culture

    Rachael Osgood
    Shall we Laugh in the Face of Death?

    Sophie Post
    Can I be something else than a princess, she said. Stereotypical roles of girls and women in children’s books

    Yelyzaveta Monastyrova
    Giving and taking: inside a charity shop
    2019 Selected proposals
    Burak Tasdizen
    Gender in/of/around Motorcycles in Gozo: An Ethnographic Inquiry into Honda Supercubs

    Cassie DeFillipo
    #metoo in Malta: Effects of the movement on rates of sexual harassment in Malta

    Chanel Lange-Maney
    The Auto-Ethnography of an Emerging Cultural Anthropologist

    Chloe Guilbert-Savary
    The Public Perception about Incoming Refugees in Gozo

    Diana García Catena
    Bartender’s social order.

    Ella Richmond
    The role of Catholicism in Maltese (/Gozitan) Volunteerism and Local Aid

    Erin Hampson
    What is a safe space in Gozo?

    Gabriel Roy
    An Ethnography of Perceptions of the Proposed Gozo-Malta Tunnel

    Irene Lihaug Jenssen
    Religion and womanhood

    Jacob Souch
    Islands at Rest: Cultural Values Concerning Sleep Among the Maltese People

    Juncheng Wen
    Plants and animals in Gozo

    Lauren Reynolds
    Urban Legends in Gozo

    Mariana Évora
    Life on the island of Gozo during the 1960s and 70s: the tales of three locals

    Min'enhle Ncube
    Negotiating Motherhood in the 21st Century

    Nicole Cyrier
    Not All Pearls are From the Sea: Treasuring Indigenous Maltese Olives as a Cultural Heirloom

    Nika Senica
    What scares children of Gozo?

    Rosalyn Macon
    Two Clocks on the Church Exterior: One for Tradition and the Other for Time

    Sabina Carbajal
    What is the role of a kazin in modern Gozitan society?

    Savyasachi Anju Prabir
    Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

    Shaoyu Tang
    Fig trees

    Teddy Horowitz
    Expatriate Knowledge of the Maltese Language