Off the Beaten Track summer school 2020 alternatives

Option A: distance-learning with a fieldwork project at home. You will get intensive online support from our staff team to develop and carry out your own 3-week research project at home or in another place where you can safely do fieldwork. After your research project is finished, we will still be there to help you with analysis and publishing. While you will sadly miss out on being on Gozo, you will still have a hands-on learning experience. This option moreover gives you the opportunity to collect data that can contribute to capture this unique momentum. Can this be a chance to volunteer or work in your community, to explore a digital community, or to focus on sensory experiences? Or do we have a graphic anthropologist among us who will work on the first (post-)corona graphic novel?

Option B: deferring your participation to a summer school session next year. Without the insurance that Corona will be defeated completely by the summer of 2021, some participants can be transferred to next summer. If your study schedule allows it, this may be the option for you.

Option C: deferring your participation to one of the extra sessions later this year. Taking into account the possibility that social distancing measures may be in place in Malta for some time to come, we have decided to organize extra sessions throughout the year in which we can host smaller groups of students in which we can safely work and co-create mid/post-corona fieldwork techniques. If your personal/academic/work calendar allows for it, you can reschedule your fieldwork project and join one of the sessions of October 3rd to October 22nd, 2020 or March 6th to March 25th, 2021.

Option D: changing to a four week individual research stay/internship at our basecamp. This option has successfully been employed in the past by students and researchers with (1) some field work experience, (2) support from a mentor or professor at home and (3) a well prepared research plan. These three conditions are a prerequisite for applying for this option.