General Information
Off the Beaten Page is one of the topical schools offered by Expeditions Research in Applied Anthropology, in addition to our flagship Off the Beaten Track summer field school, which offers hands-on fieldwork training on the islet of Gozo, Malta. Starting and improving ethnographic writing can be a challenge for the most prolific of writers. In the same way that Off the Beaten Track’s longstanding summer school hopes to demystify the actual ethnographic process, this school aims to demystify the process that follows through a variety of writing methods. As part of a growing trend within anthropology to approach social science writing with a fresh eye, this program allows participants time to study new styles, work on their own writing samples, and receive feedback from fellow writers. Through a series of workshops, it trains writers to engage with creative techniques that not only deepen their relationship with their own process but also make their writing more accessible to a wider audience. The overall aim of this focused workshop is to collectively engage a variety of writing methods so that we may grow as researchers, writers, and peer reviewers.  

Learn multiple writing methods that can enhance a more traditional academic writing style
Produce a personal portfolio of samples in various forms, such as short stories or poetry
Make progress on a long form writing project through co-writing support
Improve ability to receive and give quality feedback during peer review sessions

Course Specifics
The first half of the program will include daily group writing sessions followed by workshops highlighting particular writing exercises. These include sensory walking writing, character study, ethnographic poetry, dialogues, and flash storytelling. The final days of the program will include solo writing sessions followed by feedback sessions so that each participant can have their work reviewed. 

Directed at
Any student or writer working on a more advanced project, such as a thesis, essay, journalistic article, or personal portfolio, that feel they will benefit from the methods employed in this session. This will typically mean MA or PhD students, but undergraduate students working towards a capstone or honors thesis are welcome to apply.  Independent writers are also encouraged to apply.

Timing & Location
May 18-28, 2024
Gozo, Malta

Program director
Hannah Howard
Boston University, USA

Program Coordinator
Sam Janssen
Expeditions, Reasearch in Applied Anthropology, Belgium

Program Cost
OtBT Alumni: 1.350€
Boston University students: 1.550€

Included in the fee are:
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Airfare is not included

Expeditions has its own basecamp in which can be seen on some of the pictures below. You'll be housed with a fellow participant in one apartment, each having their own bedroom.

Please apply through this form, we will contact you after.